LaTeX Love

So, I recently decided that I wanted to produce better quality printed documents from the CLI.

For those that don’t know, the best tool (and amongst the only tools) for this is something called LaTeX.

LaTeX is essentially the standard for scholarly documents and some printing operations, it has huge capabilities with mathematics and produces absolutely beautiful typesetting, umatched by any other program. EVER.

My experience with it was using Vim. I use Vim because it’s fast and once you get past the initial (and steep) learning curve it’s also incredibly efficient, and cuts out the need for the mouse, something that often irritates me greatly.

Now, I haven’t used MS Word in months, and I hardly ever use Libre Office writer now that I have discovered LaTeX. I have received many compliments from my teachers over the quality and neat presentation that LaTeX produces.

MS Office certainly gets the job done, but as geeks, that isn’t good enough is it? We want to do the job faster, more efficiently and more proffessionally.

Word constricts us to crafting each documents styling, font face size and more, where really, we need to be spending the time that’s wasted on indenting and fiddling with the font bar writing the content, reviewing that content and improving the quality.

Now to the Crux of this post; Why do you think that LaTeX isn’t popular? 

It may be argued that it’s due to the text-based approach of LaTeX, and I think that that’s part of the problem, however the other half of the issue is that people simply don’t know that it exists. I’m not saying that it isn’t for everyone, but I think that there are many thousands out there that would save hours a week, or even a day in work if they underwent only a day or two’s training in LaTeX.


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